Gallardo Coupe LP560 Hire

Lamborghini has decided to lever-in a little more action than that, and to mark the occasion it’s given the new Gallardo the iconic ‘LP’ nomenclature (LP standing for Longitudinale Posteriore) currently reserved for the flagship Murciélago. The ‘560’ that follows it signifies – in much the same way a knuckle-duster signifies – the fate that awaits any Ferrari 430 Scuderia or Porsche 911 GT2 that fancies a scrap.

Our verdict:
Even on rough surfaces it feels every bit the equal of the brilliant coupé and apart from Audi's R8 we cannot think of another supercar that flatters and excites in such measures. It's incredibly easy to drive hard but it never seems remote from its driver unlike, say, a Porsche 911 Turbo.

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